Cryptozookeeper released

Necrotic Drift and Fallacy of Dawn author Robb Sherwin has finally released his latest piece called Cryptozookeeper.

Sherwin describes the game in an early interview as “basically a cross between Monster Rancher, Zork, and a good call on Coast-to-Coast AM.”

The game can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. It’s a hefty one at around 600MB (mostly because of the graphics and the music files).


Pow. Zoom.

Today I am resurrected to bring some good news from the interactive fiction front.

Andrew “Zarf” Plotkin’s Hadean Lands project on Kickstarter has went over the top in, as he himself reported it, Day 1. Seriously.

There’s some interesting discussion going on over at Emily Short’s blog, too.

And the winners are

The 14th Annual Interactive Fiction Comp is finally over! A huge applause to the winners of this year’s competition: Violet by Jeremy Freese, Nightfall by Eric Eve, and Everybody Dies by Jim Munroe. These games were also chosen as winners of the Miss Congeniality award in this year’s comp.

The rest of the entries and their rankings could be viewed here as well.

Congratulations to all the entrants! I hope to see these names (and more, too) again in next year’s annual comp.