That effin’ punk

Playing through the AGS One Room-One Week (OROW) competition entries reminds me of that point in Samurai Showdown IV where the characters consume more than 75% of his life bars in order to gain more power. Some of the games produced in the comp have been pretty astounding, to say the least.

Take, for example, By the Numbers by Aki Ahonen.

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Rude awakening

Barely awake from suspended animation, you sense the ship is about to crash. Your other companion isn’t as lucky; you find him slumped down on the floor, lifeless. Inside the cockpit, the pilot, who also happens to be your captain, is skewered to his seat with a long steel rod, unable to move. The console for steering the ship is blown. Still a bit groggy, you work your way to the other console and try to lift the ship – but it will not cooperate. What do you do?

That is how Morningstar begins.
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