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an occasional player’s review is a game review blog from the viewpoint of a dabbling player and budding game designer. It focuses mostly on graphical adventure games (“point-and-click”) and interactive fiction, though I do stray off the beaten path every now and then.

Some of these reviews had been previously posted on my old Blogger account, where I had (thankfully) received kind comments about my work.

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What Happened to the Site?

If you have not yet seen the note I wrote on the home page, I have stopped writing about games on this blog since last year. I have focused my energies on software development in general during the last few years. Because of this, I neither have the time nor the inclination to continue writing.

Every now and then I still frequent game forums, looking for game(s) that capture my fancy to install and play. That’s the fun part, and will always be. Thinking about these games and writing comments about their design and other aspects – that used to be fun. Now it’s not, and I’d rather have these games get featured in articles that are much better written in places that reach more people than this small blog can.