A mysterious adventure

Matthew Cangelosi’s A Curious Nightfall is a short platformer about a young girl who finds a mysterious pouch dropped by a bird. When she attempts to discover its contents, the earth beneath her cracks open and she falls into a mysterious world. She then sets out to return the bag to its rightful owner.

A Curious Nightfall screenshot

Unlike most platform games, there’s very little gameplay here. Most of the time the player will find herself wandering about, jumping over large stones and climbing ledges of different heights. There are very few objects to interact with, and most, if not all, of them have no effect either on the plot or on the gameplay.

But perhaps that’s not what the author intended.

Playing through A Curious Nightfall felt like watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was still a young kid, fascinated by the pretty pictures. A few more touches would have been nice – the transition between the girl crouching and crawling could have been smoother, and animation for the girl climbing down from ledges would also have been nice. Other than that, the animation was pretty gorgeous. It’s almost as if the author actually studied how a young girl moves.

The other thing to look forward to was the equally gorgeous soundtrack, made by “Flashygoodness” who also contributed music to a game called “Tower of Heaven.”

For these two reasons alone, A Curious Nightfall can be a fascinating experience. Grab a copy from the mirrors listed here.