Going on the Offensive

Got wind of this from Ice Cream Jonsey’s post in Jolt Country. It’s better to show it with a screenshot:


Click to See BS

See the highlighted portion? Wow. What a way to blow off the competition.

All of Malinche Entertainment’s games are made with Inform, so any platform with tools that can run Z-code games can naturally play their own games as well as the free ones available from the Interactive Fiction Archive. Because of this, the problem of running their games on the newer iPhone is also solved – without them breaking a sweat.

However, let me point this out about the games bundled with the latest version of the iPhone Frotz (emphasis mine):

Bundled stories: includes a large subset of well-rated stories from the IFDB bundled with Frotz; the IFDB story browser uses these bundled files instead of downloading them from the Internet.

For those who are not familiar, IFDB is a collaborative project aimed to provide a comprehensive catalog of IF games (so, yes, it includes Malinche games) and allow users to share recommendations about IF games that they’ve played.

With the iPhone Frotz being a free app, it will naturally include free IF games along with it. Naturally it would choose the best, and where else would it go for recommendations? (It doesn’t help that Malinche games are poorly rated there, though.)

It makes some business sense for Malinche to belittle these games, of course – he’s trying to sell his own. But going on the offensive like this is just plain ugly.

EDIT: Here’s the link where you can see it live.


2 thoughts on “Going on the Offensive

  1. Hello. I’m the author of Frotz for iPhone.
    Thanks for bringing attention to this. I was not aware of it, and it’s pretty despicable.

    It would be a shame if Malinche’s games mysteriously didn’t run well in the next version of Frotz, wouldn’t it?

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