HotU will be back…soon

I just found out earlier that the Home of the Underdogs site has been down for several weeks now because their webhosting company has filed for bankruptcy. (No wonder there’s a separate Reality-on-the-Norm forum over at the AGS forums…and they have a new site, too.)

Too bad it’s been slowly degrading over the last 3 years. I used to have fun downloading stuff from over there just to see how it looked like back then. Funny thing is, that’s also where my fascination for IF started and grew. Where else do you see an entire section devoted to interactive fiction games and reviews? Now you have sites like Jay Is Games, Play This Thing, even now featuring IF games. Back then, there were very few sites that offered reviews and features for IF games like Home of the Underdogs – most were either nostalgic reminiscences of Infocom games or abandonware sites.

Happily, discussions have begun on reviving the HotU website. Sarinee herself has talked about it on Fringer, and has handed over the reins to her “successor” Dan Pinchbeck. She said she will be joining the discussions over at Google Groups and help wherever she can.

Good thing is, she’s still playing games, especially the indie stuff (she’s playing Opera Omnia, too 🙂 )

I hope everything goes well with the project and its volunteers. If I have enough time, I’ll contribute there as well.

UPDATE: HotU is back! Apparently, there are several groups interested in reviving HotU: the “official” one is here in all its Joomla goodness, the one with the original looks is also here, and there’s a more simplistic version here.  [All links from Nick Montfort’s Post Position]