“Killfun” is a Name No One Forgets

I’ve seen Nanobots being announced before on the AGS boards, but since I was floored at work back then, I decided to let the game simmer first. The same team that worked on Spooks (previously reviewed here) had brought us another fine game, and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

Nanobots title screen

Turns out the wait was well worth it. Nanobots is a bundle of joy: a short light-hearted adventure with puzzles that are neither too easy nor too hard, with great in-game music and, of course, Erin’s signature comic art.

The game's tutorial sequence

Chembot plotting her next move

The game does appear to have similarities with the old Infocom game Suspended, in which the player makes use of a number of robots with personalities to accomplish its tasks, but the similarities end there. The goals in Nanobots are much easier to achieve, though they do require some creative thinking, just as with other Lively Ivy games. The in-game hints are visible enough, too, and helpful enough to let even the most wretched puzzle player move on during the game.

I echo the sentiments of some of the AGS forum regulars: there should be more of these games. Games that have well-defined goals for the player, and where there are more personalities that the player can manipulate or use to achieve these goals, not just concentrated on one particular character.

Or in other words, anything that my cousin’s kids can enjoy, I can enjoy. We’re definitely looking forward to more Lively Ivy games.