AGFW: Space adventure and more

Finally finished Ben Croshaw’s Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment (henceforth called “AGFW”) after several hours this morning. Well, all right, granted that there are certain elements in the game that I no longer completed (like the research quest), and that I heavily used the walkthrough, I was still able to enjoy it.

AGFW Title Screen

The story begins when you as Daniel Gordon gets berated by your boss playing a game 5 minutes before your shift ends. Seeing where this would eventually lead, Daniel decides to take a bus home…where he gets abducted and sold as a delivery guy to a group of alien mercenaries en route to their target. However, the mercenaries’ target disappear, along with their own captain. Since this is the only way to get back to Earth, you agree to cooperate (“I can’t believe I’m being threatened into management”) and lead the group in looking for their captain.

Normally, I would have passed it over for the next day since I was expecting, more or less, something like 7 Days A Skeptic. But then I got into the whole trading bit and then bounty hunting and zapping those Lesser Culthorpes and Rough Justices — and then I realized it was already 5 am. Geez, I started at around nine in the evening.

Meeting the Gang

At the Ship's Helm

What impressed me were the different game elements that Croshaw had fused into the adventure game. The dark mazes, the fishing bit, plus the whole space cruise wherein you have to earn credits by trading and upgrade your vessel — it was amazing, certainly a testament to the author’s game design abilities. Top that with lots of humor and sarcasm, plus well-drawn and smoothly-moving graphics. AGFW is one cool and very replayable game.

AGFW is set within the same universe as the Rob Blanc trilogy, but it’s not necessarily a sequel as 7 Days A Skeptic was. I haven’t really played Croshaw’s older games, but seeing how far he’s advanced in using AGS (the engine used in developing the game), I wouldn’t mind if the author did a Daniel Gordon sequel instead.

If you’re looking for more than just an adventure game, give AGFW a try. You’ll like it.